About us

Devor 2017 Ltd. is a company founded in 2017. with subject of activity internal and external repairs of buildings.


After training in "Construction Troops" and a family company, our team of professionals offers you honesty, competence, quality and modern solutions for your home, office and any other room.


We strive to meet all the high requirements of the construction and repair market.

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We work to make your dream come true!

We are ready to meet any challenge!


bathroom repair

Need a bathroom renovation? Contact our experienced team to get professional advice and an offer.

Installation of radiators

The installation of the heating radiator is a responsible task that our team of professionals is ready to perform. Contact us to quote.

gluing tiles

Our company offers gluing tiles in any place in your home and arranged in different geometric shapes according to your wishes. Contact us for an offer.

Let's make your home beautiful and cozy!

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